Top 3 random thoughts that can also change your life

I have started my journey in completing #365VerseChallenge this 2018 and while I’m writing every day, taking down notes on what the Lord has said in His words and reflecting on different verses, this week made me recognize my learning on different issues about life. But I’m not going to give you these verses, but... Continue Reading →



“Understanding your identity in Christ is very important.”   When I was a third-year high school student, I was really on fire in sharing the word of God to my classmates. I bring my bible and read it during lunch break. Interestingly, some of them would just approach me and ask questions of what do... Continue Reading →

Take time to read

  There are a lot of things a Christian leader must do. As you commit yourself in the service of God, you are also encouraged by the Lord to focus on things that will help the church grow. You are a leader because God has called you. Therefore, your focus must always be on the... Continue Reading →

When do I need to be strong?

At some point of my life, I struggle to find my real purpose. I’ve been telling other people not to give up on their lives, keep on dreaming, there is HOPE… but in my heart I am praying the same things to God. To help me find myself fulfilling a purpose not of my own... Continue Reading →

Living with God’s Grace

I am not really keen on giving “grace” an emphasis on my life. Most of the time, I give importance on love, faith, peace, hope and blessing as subject of my encouragement to people. I would normally talk about these topics and share what I know about it from the bible.


Few days from now I’ll be leaving my current job and will venture on a journey of finding what God has intended me to do. It has been a tough decision if I will based it on financial aspect but I know in my heart that this is what God would like me to do – TO TAKE THE FIRST STEP.

Power of God’s love

How do you feel God's love every day? Is it something you really want to experience daily? Or is it something you also want to give to other people even they don't deserve it?

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